Luree Nicholson, C.C.Ht

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Luree Nicholson, CCHt, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, specializing in medical and childbirth hypnosis. She is a graduate of the only nationally accredited school of hypnosis with over 1000 hours of education and training. Luree is a co-founder of a childbirth hypnosis program and has over 40 years’ experience using hypnosis for pain management. In addition, she has 15+ years’ experience helping clients with fertility, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum issues. More than a hundred couples have benefited from her childbirth hypnosis program. Using hypnosis, Luree has stopped/reduced extreme morning sickness, stopped premature labor, turned breech babies, started stalled labor, and helped mothers to produce more milk. She has also helped new mothers overcome postpartum depression without medication. Luree specializes in home and hospital sessions for medical interventions including stopping preterm-labor, pre-eclampsia, inductions, medically necessary cesareans, etc., all utilizing hypnosis methods.

Luree is a mother of five and is both personally and professionally familiar with unavoidable complications of pregnancy, labor and birth. Luree’s children were all born in a hospital, naturally (without drugs), using hypnosis. Two babies were breech, one posterior, and 2 were premature (one placenta-Previa). She also experienced 6 miscarriages. These experiences motivated Luree to start down the path of learning natural ways to prevent and address these birth issues. Luree is excited and inspired to be working with The Berlin Group to support families on their path to parenthood.

Luree Nicholson, CCHt, Medical Hypnotherapist specializing in fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum, mind/body healing. An expert in medical issues and discomforts of pregnancy. A Doula/labor support specialist, and creator of  “Birth Hypnosis Method”.