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The Birth Hypnosis Method

September 17, 2015
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Luree Nicholson, M.C.C.Ht., specializes in medical and childbirth hypnosis, bringing over 1000 hours of training and more than a dozen years of professional experience.

Using Luree’s exclusive Birth Hypnosis Method, our certified practitioners can stop and reduce extreme morning sickness, stall premature labor, turn breech babies, start stalled labor, and help mothers to produce more milk! Our master certified practitioners can also help new mothers overcome postpartum depression without medication. In the case of unavoidable cesareans, we help mothers use less medication and heal faster with hypnosis.

Lureeā€™s own five children were all born in a hospital, naturally and without drugs. One was breech, one posterior, and two were premature. Enduring these personal birth challenges motivated Luree to learn and promote natural methods that could help other women to experience pregnancy and birth as empowering life stages and events.

Luree offers clients Birth Hypnosis packages for their own pregnancies and births, and she also offers certification for birthworkers and marriage and family therapists to apply her method in their practices.

Come join a free introductory class, a class designed for early pregnancy to reduce pregnancy discomforts, a six-week birth hypnosis series, and private appointments that are customized for the needs of each individual client.

For information about how to become a certified practitioner, call Luree to set up a one-on-one interview.